"You bring light into darkness, and some reality into hospital life which is unreal"

Reading to stroke survivors
is invaluable post-stroke support

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InterAct uses only professional actors to deliver a stimulating and rich variety of reading material that is specially selected to suit the needs of the stroke patient. By doing so InterAct works to stimulate memory, engage language, and lift spirits. We offer in person, and virtual readings.


Following a stroke (also referred to as a 'brain attack'), reading and conversational interaction is proven to: stimulate the brain, boost memory and communication skills, improve mood and alleviate depression.

InterAct Stroke Support is a charity dedicated to supporting stroke recovery


A bit more about us

InterAct's 160 professional actors read in 18 hospitals and over 50 stroke clubs across the United Kingdom as well as leading a variety of community projects.

Post-stroke rehabilitation can be a long process and InterAct supports stroke survivors every step of the way, from hospital recuperation to community reintegration.  

You can read more about InterAct's story here:

InterAct at Home

InterAct at Home allows you to enjoy personalised readings with our professional actors from the comfort of your own home.


One-to-one or group readings, online or over the phone, our bespoke service brings the InterAct magic to your very front door.  

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Click here to read an article from the Community Outreach team at Brain Therapy TMS. They have created a detailed yet digestible resource article that explains stroke vs. heart attack with helpful treatment information.

The Brain Therapy TMS team are dedicated to raising awareness of brain health and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment. The team's goal is to educate the public on the differences between stroke and heart attack, in hopes to prevent future cases.