Reading to stroke survivors

is invaluable post-stroke support

"This is wonderful. You stimulate my imagination and I can see it all."

- Hospital Patient

InterAct Stroke Support is a charity dedicated to supporting stroke recovery



By using professional actors to deliver a stimulating and rich variety of reading material specially selected to suit the needs of stroke patients, InterAct works to stimulate memory, language, and lift spirits.


Following a stroke (also referred to as a 'brain attack') reading and conversational interaction stimulates the brain, boosts memory and communication skills, improves mood and alleviates depression.


InterAct at Home

InterAct at home brings our reading services into your home through video and phone calls, either in a group or one on one

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During the first two months of lockdown, our actors performed readings of their favourite stories and poems. 


As with all of InterAct's work, we use story telling to provide mental stimulation and to entertain during a difficult time. Whether you're a stroke survivor or just in need of some stress relief in isolation, we hope these help!


Here is Helena Bonham Carter, reading 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf' by Roald Dahl.

To see more of our isolation video readings:

A bit more about us

InterAct's 160 professionally-trained actors read in 18 hospitals and over 50 stroke clubs across the United Kingdom as well as leading a variety of community projects.

Post-stroke rehabilitation can be a long process and InterAct supports stroke survivors every step of the way, from hospital recuperation to community reintegration.  

You can read more about InterAct's story here: