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  • InterAct Readings - Hannah Walker reading 'Warning' by Jenny Joseph and 'Oh, I Wish I'd Looked After Me Teeth' by Pam Ayres"
    Since our hospital work had to be put on hold, InterAct's actors have been working hard to record themselves reading their favourite stories and poems to bring our service to you from isolation, instead! We will be sharing a video reading every other day. The first is brought to you by Hannah Walker, a reader at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, reading two poems; 'Warning' by Jenny Joseph and 'Oh I Wish I'd Looked After Me Teeth' by Pam Ayres! Enjoy!
  • Style for Stroke: Live Like You campaign
    The fantastic InterAct actor Ana Torre joined up with the Style for Stroke team to talk about our work and stroke awareness as p art of their 'Live Like You' campaign.
  • Peter Capaldi Appeal
    InterAct Ambassador Peter Capaldi discusses the work of InterAct Stroke Support and the benefit of our service.
  • Fayon visits the Haringey Players
    A group of stroke survivors in Haringey worked with InterAct readers Fayon Dixon and Juliet Prew and over a period of weeks created songs and poems around the theme of "I remember when". Fayon went back to visit the Haringey Players to see what people thought of the project:
  • Nick Ede: his experience of stroke and how he's making a difference
    Nick Ede was just 23 when his mother passed away from a stroke. Since then Nick has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of stroke and support those in recovery, working with us here at InterAct and the Stroke Assocation.
  • Robert Welch: painter and stroke survivor
    Interview with artist Robert Welch a London based painter who has been exhibiting in the UK and abroad for the past thirty years. He is an artist-member of A.P.T(Art in Perpetuity Trust) in Deptford, and has had a studio there since 1996. He is also a stroke survivor.
  • Avita Jay: Actress and InterAct Hospital Administrator
    Actress Avita Jay talks about her work with the charity.
  • Stroke survivors' experiences
    Circumstances and effects of a stroke. Various stroke survivors give us their personal testamonies about their experiences of having a stroke.The interviewer is Pat Marlowe.
  • Stroke in hospitals
    Stroke survivors describe their hospital experiences being interviewed by Pat Marlowe.
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